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28 June 2021 - 1 July 2021
Virtual Mission Southeast Asia Life Sciences & Health


There are 2 types of matchmaking:

  • matchmaking on your own initiative (for every participant within this platform)
  • tailor made matchmaking organized by professional matchmaker for Dutch participants only (additional costs 250 euros)

Matchmaking on your own initiative

During this mission you can request additional meetings at any time to take place from 28 June until 9 July 2021. This allows you to benefit from 1:1 networking via video calls over a longer period of time.
When requesting a meeting, you can choose the length of the meeting and choose any time slot you prefer.


  • A meeting request has to be accepted by you; if not, the meeting will not take place;
  • The video calls take place through this B2Match platform; don't forget to login to the platform in time and to start your meeting from your personal agenda;
  • You will NOT receive reminders that your meeting will start; therefore we recommend to add your meeting to your Outlook agenda as well. 

In case you want to opt-out from sending and receiving requests for 1:1 meetings via video calls, please login to your account, open the “Meetings” tab, and click on “Availability” to sign-in/sign-out from the matchmaking.

Please note that you can always send and receive messages to other participants.
How? Select a participant and click the button 'Send message'. In case you do not want to receive messages, please go to your account settings, and deactivate the messaging.

How virtual matchmaking works

  • Browse the participants' list registered participants and select those you want to meet.
  • You will only be able to send requests to participants that also selected the 'matchmaking on your own initiative' and with whom you previously didn't have meetings with; the rest will be marked as unavailable.
  • Send meeting requests to the selected participants of your choice.
  • Click on Meet in order to request the meeting.
  • Select the meeting duration between 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes.
  • Select the date and the hour and confirm.
  • Wait for the meeting confirmation from your partner. 
  • Check your agenda and respect the time of the meeting!

More information: see the instructional video.

Tailor-made matchmaking organized by matchmaker

Dutch companies that register before May 28, 2021 can use the professional tailor-made matchmaking. In this form of matchmaking, a professional matchmaker focuses on contacts that match the specific needs of your company. You indicate these specific needs and contacts wanted, by fully answering the matchmaking questions in the registration form. The answers to these questions are kept confidential and are not visible to other participants.
In addition, it is required that you also fill out your market place profile as completely as possible. The market place profile is your public profile with which you present yourself and your company and products / services in the market place of this B2Match platform.

How is this matchmaking performed?

The professional matchmaker receives your contact details, confidential answers to the matchmaking questions and your public market place profile from the mission organization and will work on that basis for you. If necessary, the matchmaker will contact you directly if he has any questions regarding your provided information.
The matchmaker will send you a proposal by email for potential matchmaking arrangements that match your needs. You can give feedback on this so that the matchmaker can make adjustments if necessary. If you agree with the suggested matches, approximately 5 matchmaking appointments (per country) will be scheduled for you.
The matchmaking conversations are carried out using the integrated video conferencing on this B2Match platform. You must be logged in for this and you will find the appointments by date in your personal event agenda on the B2Match platform.

Extra costs and other points of attention

• This form of matchmaking is not included in the standard participant fee. The additional costs are 250 euros and are invoiced to your company at the same time as the participant contribution. The participant can choose a maximum of 2 countries in which he would like to have tailor-made matchmaking.

• Tailor-made matchmaking is organized at company level and for only one sector participation. When there are several participants from the same company, the company must determine for which of its participants the matchmaking should be organized. It is possible that a second participant from the company will join the final matchmaking arrangements. The first participant will then have to add his colleague to the conversation via the "invite guest" link at the start of the matchmaking conversation. This second participant will not see the matchmaking appointment in his personal event agenda.

• Only Dutch companies, as in participants with a Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration, can make use of the tailor-made matchmaking.

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